SAC 2013 - List of Accepted Papers

We are pleased to announce the list of papers that were accepted by SAC 2013. In each section, papers are listed in the order in which they were presented at the conference.

Invited papers (refereed)

  • Diego F. Aranha, Paulo S. L. M. Barreto, Patrick Longa and Jefferson E. Ricardini,The Realm of the Pairings
  • Kevin Henry, Maura B. Paterson and Douglas R. Stinson, Practical Approaches to Varying Network Size in Combinatorial Key Predistribution Schemes
  • Antoine Joux, A New Index Calculus Algorithm with Complexity L(1/4+o(1)) in Small Characteristic

Contributed papers

  • Feng Zhang, Yanbin Pan and Gengran Hu, A Three-Level Sieve Algorithm for the Shortest Vector Problem
  • Rachid El Bansarkhani and Johannes Buchmann, Improvement and Efficient Implementation of a Lattice-based Signature Scheme
  • Thomas Pöppelmann and Tim Güneysu, Towards Practical Lattice-Based Public-Key Encryption on Reconfigurable Hardware
  • Jung Hee Cheon, Taechan Kim and Yong Soo Song, A Group Action on Zp× and the Generalized DLP with Auxiliary Inputs
  • Faruk Göloğlu, Robert Granger, Gary McGuire and Jens Zumbrägel, Solving a 6120-bit DLP on a Desktop Computer
  • Toshihiro Ohigashi, Takanori Isobe, Yuhei Watanabe and Masakatu Morii, How to Recover Any Byte of Plaintext on RC4
  • Dmitry Khovratovich and Christian Rechberger, The LOCAL attack: Cryptanalysis of the authenticated encryption scheme ALE
  • Hongjun Wu and Bart Preneel, AEGIS: A Fast Authenticated Encryption Algorithm
  • Charles Bouillaguet, Chen-Mou Cheng, Tung Chou, Ruben Niederhagen and Bo-Yin Yang, Fast Exhaustive Search for Quadratic Systems in F2 on FPGAs
  • Thomas Eisenbarth, Ingo von Maurich and Xin Ye, Faster Hash-based Signatures with Bounded Leakage
  • Cécile Delerablée, Tancrède Lepoint, Pascal Paillier and Matthieu Rivain, White-Box Security Notions for Symmetric Encryption Schemes
  • Tancrède Lepoint, Matthieu Rivain, Yoni De Mulder, Peter Roelse and Bart Preneel, Two Attacks on a White-Box AES Implementation
  • Thierry P. Berger, Marine Minier and Gaël Thomas, Extended Generalized Feistel Networks using Matrix Representation
  • Andrey Bogdanov, Huizheng Geng, Meiqin Wang, Long Wen and Baudoin Collard, Zero-Correlation Linear Cryptanalysis with FFT and Improved Attacks on ISO Standards Camellia and CLEFIA
  • Ryad Benadjila, Jian Guo, Victor Lomné and Thomas Peyrin, Implementing Lightweight Block Ciphers on x86 Architectures
  • Sujoy Sinha Roy, Frederik Vercauteren and Ingrid Verbauwhede, High Precision Discrete Gaussian Sampling on FPGAs
  • Johannes Buchmann, Daniel Cabarcas, Florian Göpfert, Andreas Hülsing and Patrick Weiden, Discrete Ziggurat: A Time-Memory Trade-off for Sampling from a Gaussian Distribution over the Integers
  • Yuan Ma, Zongbin Liu, Wuqiong Pan and Jiwu Jing, A high-speed elliptic curve cryptographic processor for generic curves over GF(p)
  • Joppe W. Bos, Craig Costello and Michael Naehrig, Exponentiating in Pairing Groups
  • Christophe Doche, Daniel Sutantyo, Faster Repeated Doublings on Binary Elliptic Curves
  • Joppe W. Bos, Peter L. Montgomery, Daniel Shumow and Greg Zaverucha, Montgomery Multiplication Using Vector Instructions
  • Yu Sasaki and Lei Wang, Improved Single-Key Distinguisher on HMAC-MD5 and Key Recovery Attacks on Sandwich-MAC-MD5
  • Charles Bouillaguet and Bastien Vayssière, Provable Second Preimage Resistance Revisited
  • Jérémy Jean, María Naya-Plasencia and Thomas Peyrin, Multiple Limited-Birthday Distinguishers and Applications
  • Aurélie Bauer, Eliane Jaulmes, Emmanuel Prouff and Justine Wild, Horizontal Collision Correlation Attack on Elliptic Curves
  • David Oswald, Daehyun Strobel, Falk Schellenberg, Timo Kasper and Christof Paar, When Reverse-Engineering Meets Side-Channel Analysis--Digital Lockpicking in Practice