SAC '96 Presented Papers

  • "Akelarre: A New Block Cipher Algorithm", G.A. Maranon, D. Martinez, F.M. Vitini and A.P. Dominguez, Instituto de Fisica Aplicada, Spain

  • "CRISP: A Feistel Cipher With Hardened Key-scheduling", M. Leech, Nortel, Canada

  • "Provably Secure and Efficient Block Ciphers", P. Morin, Carleton University, Canada

  • "Message Encryption and Authentication Using One-Way Hash Function", C.H. Lim, Centre for Advanced Crypto-Technology, Baekdoo InfoCrypt, Inc., Korea

  • "New Bounds on the Number of Functions Satisfying the Strict Avalanche Criterion", A.M. Youssef, T.W. Cusick, P. Stanica and S.E. Tavares, Queen's University, Canada and SUNY at Buffalo, U.S.A.

  • "Difference Distribution Table of a Regular Substitution Box", X.-M. Zhang, U. of Wollongong, Australia and Y. Zheng, Monash University, Australia

  • "Practical S-box Design", S. Mister and C. Adams, Nortel, Canada

  • "Modelling Avalanche in DES-Like Ciphers", H. Heys, Memorial University, Canada

  • "Montgomery Multiplication in GF(2**k)", G.K. Koc and T. Acar, Oregon State University, U.S.A.

  • "A Parallel Implementation of RSA", D. Pearson, Cornell University, U.S.A.

  • "Sparse RSA Secret Keys and Their Generation", C.H. Lim and P.J. Lee, Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea

  • "A New Class of Substitution-Permutation Networks", A.M. Youssef, S.E. Tavares, Queen's University, Canada and H.M. Heys, Memorial University,Canada

  • "Nonlinear Generators with a Guaranteed Large Linear Complexity", P. Caballero-Gil and A. Fuster-Sabater, Spain

    Invited lectures:

  • Paul Syverson, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC, "Time in the Formal Analysis of Authentication Protocols

  • Serge Vaudenay, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, "Towards Provable Security for Feistel Ciphers" Abstract